Find a JP

You can locate an ACT Justice of the Peace:

You can access the services of a Justice of the Peace at several locations across Canberra, including at JP Signing Centres in the Belconnen, Dickson and Erindale Libraries and the Gungahlin Village. Appointments are generally not necessary. Details of opening hours of the Signing Centres, are in the document How can I find a JP? available here.

If you still cannot locate a Justice of the Peace through one of the methods listed above, please contact a member of the the Executive, all of whom are ACT Justices of the Peace.

Notary Public
The particular function you may need performed may have to be executed by a Notary Public, who is a senior legal practitioner (this is often required for certain documents which are going overseas). The ACT Supreme Court maintains a Register of Notaries Public.

Further information on Notaries Public can be found on Notary Locator.

Other Australian Justices of the Peace
You may have a need to locate a Justice of the Peace from another Australian State or Territory. Each of these jurisdictions maintains a publicly accessible register of Justices of the Peace:


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